PHOENIX PRISON TRUST  – Enables the teaching of yoga inside prisons to support rehabilitation.





AA India works towards a vision of a world without poverty , patriarchy and injustice where every person enjoys life with dignity.

Himani Seth is the  Indian girl Uckfield Yoga sponsors with Action Aid to enable her to attend school regularly and get an education. India is a very over populated country and the key to birth control is to educate women, Grace is hoping to visit India again one day and meet her. We have the most recent picture up at the studio and we send her letters telling her about the yoga studio.

Drawing from Indian child

The beautiful picture Himani sent to Grace recently.

Sponsored child Himani

This is a photo of the child we sponsor – Himani Seth age 8, she lives in Balisankara, Odisha state where AA are empowering the communities to access their rights over land, water, forests and other commons; advocating for their participation in public welfare schemes; restoring rights of women and girls, and ensuring their safety; ensuring the rights of children, their education and protection; and advocating for providing them with equal socio-economic opportunities.

The Bevern Trust ensures that people with disabilities can live truly active and fulfilling lives, in an environment where they can feel safe, are loved and are offered compassionate care.The Bevern Trust