Do I need to be young / flexible / thin / female to do yoga?
NO – we believe yoga is for everyone and all are welcome at Uckfield yoga studio irrespective of age, gender, size, shape or physical ability.

There are people from age 7 to 97 who practice and we all have different abilities but we begin where we are and try to learn something on our yoga journey.

Do I need to book? Not for yoga classes –  we have plenty of space and have never turned any one away, please come along and join us.

What shall I wear? Comfortable, warm clothes which allow full range of movement (so no tight waistbands),  stretchy cotton is best but whatever you prefer is fine.

Do I have to bring anything?No we have lots of mats, bricks, blankets etc which you can borrow.

What type of yoga is it? 
We have classes in various styles of yoga – dynamic, ordinary, gentle which is all hatha yoga – moving the body and breath to purify the self, calm the mind, experience harmony. There is more info on different styles on the Class Descriptions page.

Do I have to be a vegetarian, long haired hippy to do yoga?
Absolutely not, we all make our own lifestyle choices but anyone can come along to a yoga class even meat eating short haired capitalists!

What is the difference between yoga and Pilates?
Yoga is a system for living a healthy, happy life and Pilates is an exercise class for strengthening the core. Yoga has been around for 5000 years and incorporates physical, mental and emotional development through stretching, breathing and meditating; Pilates has been around for 100 years and is about toning the body. You can practice both at Uckfield yoga studio.