Meditation teachers

Alarna –

Alarna – Wednesday 11 am – midday

My meditation journey started when I knew I required a more positive outlook to life. Consequently, to find a way to clear my mind of daily chatter and anxiety I tried guided meditations and got hooked by finding that calm state during and after meditating. After a year of trying many meditations I booked onto a meditation teaching course. I am still loving and learning more about it through daily meditations and through other meditators. I thank meditation for giving me a calmer, happier life. I find daily meditation helps me focus during the day to complete tasks better, I enjoy the small things in life more, also finding that inner spark that is just me. I have enjoyed running classes in the last 4 years and relish people’s discovery of what helps them. I appreciate the creative process of writing meditations. I sometimes enjoy bringing crystals into the experience. Having that helpful power of meditating in a group is a great start. It’s a wonderful class for beginners or those already practicing –


VIbha – mindfulness meditation – Thursdays 11 am from 14 March 2019

My journey with mindfulness meditation started because I wanted to be calmer with my children. Also, coming into my middle age, I wanted to really feel like I could make the most of the rest of my life.
I realised I had been trying to meditate for decades, really just closing my eyes and thinking, so I was very relieved to be given the guidance I received on a mindfulness course with Breathworks, an international organisation sharing this non religious practice. It is simple and can be life enhancing, though not necessarily easy!
This class offers an opportunity to be led in different mindfulness practices with guidance alongside others.
I have also been a birth doula since 2013 and I offer mindfulness 1:1, group courses, meditation for pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, and reflexology and massage.