May newsletter

by Grace Annand | 8th May 2018 | Uncategorised
Namaste yogis ,the studio has been open for half a year now and continues to evolve organically. We now need an awning because the morning sun shining in the front window is so hot we are roasting ourselves – we even had the air conditioner on during the...

April newsletter

by Grace Annand | 26th March 2018 | Uncategorised
Namaste yogis and welcome to spring. The clocks have changed so lighter evenings and warmer weather (we hope) which means ideal conditions for coming to classes at Uckfield yoga studio. As well as all the old favourites – ordinary yoga every morning 9.30 am and every evening 6...

June Newsletter

by Sue Edwards | 2nd March 2018 | General News
First the boring bit – new rules on data etc so if you are not interested please unsubscribe below and everyone else read on. Welcome yogis to summer yoga – warm, welcoming and worthwhile. We have a new logo (see above) also new desk and entrance mat and finally,...