Tai chi + kids martial arts – Mark

Tai chi on Wednesdays 2 – 3 pm September 4 – October 23  with Mark Stevenson 

A 6 week course  to learn a short white crane tai chi form, as well as the Shibashi 1 qigong routine.To accompany you as you learn the course, you will have access to a website where you can view online lessons to support what you have learnt in class.The opening few moves of the tai chi form, ‘Frost and Sun White Crane Gentle Art’ make up a short form, which you will learn in the 6 week course.

Both tai chi and qigong are great for those who would like to learn a relaxing, flowing exercise routine – it is great for overall health, flexibility, balance, coordination, increases energy levels, eases stress and anxiety, helps with many health conditions, is like a moving meditation and great fun to practice and the classes a fantastic opportunity to meet new friends. WCA students are always very friendly!

The course will cater for all levels, from total beginners to those who have perhaps practiced a little tai chi previously, or a different style.

It is also a great addition for those who maybe already practice yoga and Pilates, as well as for anyone returning to exercise after not training for a while, or recovering from injuries.

The cost of the 6 week course is £50 ( 10 % discount for first 5 people to sign up)

For details on booking, or for more information, please contact Mark on 07834 375776, or whitecraneacademy@gmail.com https://whitecraneacademy.com/

Kids Martial Arts – Wednesdays, 4-5 pm,  September 4 – October 23 with Mark Stevenson 

We will be teaching a range of martial arts related disciplines in this fun, entertaining, and rewarding 6 week course for children of a primary school age. it’s suitable for new students, as well as those who might already train with White Crane Academy.

Children will learn Kung Fu basics: stances, punches, blocks, kicks, and some self defence applications. As well as some Chinese fencing (sword fighting) techniques. The classes are also really good for a child’s fitness.

We will also teach the children some of the more gentle elements of the martial arts and include a little meditation and qigong (breathing exercises) into the course – and educate them on the importance. Additionally, they will learn some basic Mandarin phrases and counting, and a little bit about Chinese and martial arts history . At the end of the course certificates will be presented and there will also be a mini-grading, where students new to WCA can achieve their first sash.

The cost of the 6 week course is £50. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE WHO BOOK RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT.

There are 12 children per class, to make sure that your child receives plenty of time with the instructor.To secure a place, payment in advance is required. Please email whitecraneacademy@gmail.com for more booking details.

About Mark I am a firm believer that when something has enriched my life to the degree that the martial arts have, I simply have a duty to pass it on.

In fact, I remember being about 5 minutes into my first kung fu lesson and thinking “This is amazing, I have to teach as many people as possible!”

I trained incredibly hard, and a lot – up to 20 lessons per week most weeks, plus at home on my own. When I wasn’t sleeping, eating, working or looking after my daughter, I was immersed in White Crane martial arts. (Actually, a lot of her childhood was spent training too – which is why I am such a staunch advocate of families training together, and very proud to have so many within the club).

Training helped me in so many ways and my natural instincts to want to teach led me to become an instructor quite early on in my martial arts life, which I did in 2008 after visiting China to train with masters in Beijing.

What I have worked on and discovered over the years – and what I can help people with – is how to integrate traditional martial arts training into your modern day lifestyle, how to become fit and healthy – both mentally and physically, through training in tai chi, kung fu and kickboxing.

Over the years I have seen some incredible results and have been very lucky to spend much of my time among such a great community of students (and their families).

Personally I believe that following a path in martial arts has improved every facet of my life and I am passionate about spreading these benefits for those who would like to learn more and who feel as though they would enjoy training with us.

There is no need to become more dedicated than just popping in to the occasional class to keep up your fitness and learn a few cool techniques – but if you would like to progress further, then these are the ways in which becoming a part of the White Crane Academy / White Crane Online community can help.

Alongside my martial arts journey – as many people do – I became interested in the healing arts as well. This led me to become a certified shiatsu practitioner several years ago. Based on the traditions of Chinese medicine and Japanese massage, my shiatsu practice has grown alongside my White Crane Academy and I now treat clients regularly from the comfort of their own homes, or a local treatment centre.

I look forward to hearing from you or meeting you in class!