Class descriptions

We have a class for everyone from the start of your life to the end, come and yoga with us.

Ashtanga- dynamic, strong and flowing. Exploring Pranayama breath techniques, meditation and a sequence of asanas from the Ashtanga primary series to detoxify the body and mind

Beginners – introduction to breathing, moving and relaxing – all welcome

Bliss   – Treat yourself to a wind-down to the weekend with this class which will be mainly floor-based.  Let go of tension with a blissful combination of yin yoga, where we hold the poses to release into the fascia, followed by some restorative postures.Then, we’ll dive into a deeply relaxing iRest yoga nidra guided meditation designed to restore your mind, body and senses to their natural state of true being.

Children – age 5 – 10 years, learning yoga early through stories, postures and relaxation.

Core restore – for women any age who had a baby and want to tone

Gentle      – ease your way into postures, breathing and relaxation

Hatha (ordinary yoga)      – asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), philosophy and relaxation

Iyengar – precise alignment , hands on adjustments and use of props.

Meditation an eclectic mix of mindfulness, visual journeys, focus on objects, breath, working with crystals and self-healing.

Modified Pilates – Gentle, relaxed and friendly, slower pace, improves posture, flexibility and strengthens core 

Post natal – yoga for mum and baby

Pregnancy – from 12 weeks to term

SatBodhi – Relax, de-stress and devote some time to your well being in this gentle, flowing (non-sweaty) lunchtime class.

Scaravelli – A creative, deep connection and conversation with self, that can be developed and enhanced with classical postures, breathing and movement.

Satyananda -simple posture, breathing and relaxation suitable for all.

 Teens – fun, dynamic class for ages 12 – 18

Therapeutic – adaptions for people with injuries or illness

Vinyasa flow – a derivative of Ashtanga Yoga, this  class is a dynamic and energetic style of yoga.  Flowing postures are linked to the breath for an intense body-mind workout

Yin –  a slow paced style of yoga with a series of long-held, passive floor poses that mainly work the lower part of the body – the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine (areas are especially rich in connective tissues) .