MONDAYS 11 AM – 12.15PM

A wonderful way to regain your strength, connect with others and feel great, one day at a time. These classes are specially designed to allow you to safely practice yoga with your baby by your side, or joining in. Or if you have some child care, come along and enjoy some well-deserved you time, child-free.

Classes are suitable from 6 weeks after a vaginal birth, or 8 weeks after a c-section, until your baby is on the move. As with any exercise after birth, it is always a good idea to get the all clear from your doctor before you start classes. Ask them to check whether you have Diastasis Recti (separated tummy muscles).

These classes take you through a progressive approach to help you build core strength and revitalise yourself class by class. Over time you will feel stronger and be able to do more. If you had a baby a year ago or more and never incorporated postnatal training into your recovery, you may not have fully strengthened your deepest core. This could mean you suffer with an achy lower back, particular after any other exercise or you leak a little when you laugh, cough or sneeze… if this sounds like you, feel free to book in and come along to class soon. 75 minutes £10,  6 classes for £54,


The class is informal, friendly and relaxed so if baby needs feeding or rocking or is sleeping that is fine, equally if parents just want to rest that is also fine.