Yoga Teachers

Grace teaches Ordinary Yoga 9.30am and 6pm Mon+Tues, Thurs+Friday

Grace Annand –

I have been teaching yoga in Uckfield for 15 years and now my dream has come true – we have a yoga studio. 20 years ago I went to my first yoga class and in 1999 I spent 6 months in India staying in ashrams, going to classes every day and learning as much as possible about yoga. In 2004 I completed teacher training with the Pranava school and then I studied the diploma with BWY. I call my classes ordinary yoga – there is a philosophical theme each week, focus on breathing well, moving our body and connecting to the self . We come together to practice, each person exploring their personal source of wisdom to create a balanced, complete and happy life. Yoga practice is a tool to help us develop our awareness and being together with others on same path can support and inspire us, please join us you will be very welcome.



Sarah Hunt – vinyasa flow  Sundays 5.30 pm

Sarah Hunt

I teach Vinyasa Flow yoga which is a dynamic style of yoga where poses flow from one to the next led by the breath.  My classes are challenging and dynamic but I aim to create an environment which is light hearted and inclusive with options offered for all levels. I believe that yoga is much more than throwing shapes but at the same time our physical practice can become a moving meditation which brings calmness to the mind both on and off the mat. Sarah has her own class pass, cost £45 for 5 and £80 for 10.



Louise Cartland
My yoga journey began in my teens (over 40 years ago) and I am fortunate to have been taught many different systems of yoga. I qualified to teach in 2004 and I will never stop learning as yoga is constantly evolving which I find fascinating. My class includes some of the most beneficial aspects of my favourite styles paying attention to maintaining a healthy spine and overall rejuvenation. It incorporates a flowing series of postures following the breath, moving with awareness and mental focus. I like to draw attention to subtle, anatomical details to avoid injury and sometimes include face yoga. Backgound healing music aids the de-stressing process so you emerge relaxed and revitalised.

Julie teaches beginners Tuesday 11 am , Monday 7.30 am
Julie La Rooy –
I started my yoga journey in my 20’s, I have studied under many teachers both in the UK and in New York, Hong Kong and India. I have been teaching for about 19 years. Initially I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and later with Satyananda Yoga (Bihar school) under Swami’s Vedantananda and Pragyamurti.
My motivation to move from attending a weekly yoga class to training as a teacher was a desire to share with others the benefit I gained from yoga. Especially in using the breath to remain calm, controlling stress and anxiety.
I am really interested in creating a calm and supportive environment in the sessions and helping people to learn to be more aware of their bodies, breath and the state of the mind.
This class is aimed at anyone beginning yoga, for people with body restrictions and for anyone who wants a less dynamic class. It will incorporate simple asana, pranayama (breathing practices) and yoga nidra (deep relaxation).


Yin Yan yoga classes
Sarah’s Bliss on Friday 11 am

Sarah Lloyd-Morrison –

A class of  restorative yoga and nidra meditation.  Treat yourself to a wind-down to the weekend with this class which will be mainly floor-based.Let go of tension with a blissful combination of relaxing yoga, where we hold the poses to release into the fascia, followed by  a deeply relaxing iRest yoga nidra guided meditation designed to restore your mind, body and senses to their natural state of true being.      



Richard Harding –

a Yoga and Movement facilitator and skilled bodyworker specialising in Arun Conscious Touch; an artist, poet, musician and gardener. He is passionate about consciousness, the body, its anatomy and ecology. His journey traverses the arts and sciences and ranges from dance training and performance and Fine Art Painting, to medicine working as a Paramedic Practitioner in the NHS. In 2001, he lived and trained in with Min Tanaka (Butoh dancer/farmer) at Bodyweather Farm, and DAnce Resources on Earth, Japan.His research, teaching and caring practices span 25 years . The Yoga he teaches is strongly  influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. He has recently become interested in  the deep  healing practice of Yoga Nidra. If you need to relax – Richard is your man!  Tuesdays 7.30 pm


Yoga for me is the relationship that is built between the body, the mind and the breath. Yoga for me helps to creates a space free from obstacles in our bodies opening up to sensations of freedom and release that I aim for my students to leave feeling from class. Yoga has been a part of my life since I was about 18 years old and my practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible both on and off the mat. It has allowed me the opportunity to gain moments of clear perspective and balance.  In September 2018 I completed my 200 hr Teacher Training with Real Flow Yoga following my 100 hour Therapeutic Yin Yoga & MyoFascial Release Teacher Training in February 2018 with Samdhana Yoga . Private sessions available.

In my classes I aim to create a space of non-judgement , empowerment and some inspiration to help you deepen your practice and leave your mat feeling refreshed, nourished .

Shelly teaches ordinary yoga Wednesday’s 7.30-8.45pm & Thursdays 9.30-10.30am and   Yin on last Sunday of every month 11am-12.30pm

Shelly White

My name is Shelly White, I live in Uckfield with my partner and 4 children, and I love yoga!

My personal journey with yoga started in 1999 whist on a silent Vipassana meditation retreat in Thailand. I did not know what I had signed up for, with no previous meditation experience, and I didn’t realise at the time what an impact it would have on my life. Over the years my practice grew, (slowly… it was on, then off, then on again….then off again!) but finally became more solid, and I aspired to deepen my knowledge in India. It was there I undertook my first teacher training in 2010, and since then have trained with many wonderful and renowned teachers and have furthered my training in pregnancy yoga, children’s yoga, yin yoga and restorative yoga.

Our lives are busy, our minds are busy, at times life can feel like a treadmill (with a steep gradient!) So this little time and love that we can give to ourselves when we practice yoga, is an invaluable addition. We are taking care not only of the physical body, but also of the mental body, and energetic body. In short, we are taking time to listen to ourselves, physically and mentally, to listen to the wise words of our own inner teacher, and to give some time back to us.

I practice yoga because it is a constantly evolving journey that opens up new pathways, loves, and lessons. It makes me feel alive, and hopefully a better person. For me it feels like magic is at work whilst practicing yoga, an inner awakening. I teach yoga because it is a joy and an honour to share and grow with this amazing knowledge that we are blessed to have passed down and shared with us. It is a great privilege to be a part of your yoga journey. Private sessions available.

Trudi Dawson Uckfield Yoga Teacher
Trudi teaches Post Natal Yoga Monday 11 am (COURSE ONLY), vinyasa flow  and Pregnancy  Saturday morning

Trudi Dawson –

My name is Trudi Dawson and have been practising yoga on and off since my early 20’s (which was quite some time ago!). At the start I didn’t love yoga as much as I do now. I just saw it as another way to exercise my body. I am a big lover of sport and exercise and pride myself on still being able to run 10km (perhaps with a bit of a downhill start!)  and train hard at the gym well into my 40’s. However, 5 years ago I found a yoga teacher who showed me just what yoga is REALLY all about and I fell hook, line and sinker in love with it. I had finally found a way to nourish my mind and my body together. I started my yoga teacher journey by learning how to teach Pregnancy Yoga, swiftly followed by Postnatal and Pelvic Floor Yoga. This fits in really well with my other job as a doula, breastfeeding consultant and FEDANT-approved antenatal teacher. However, I am now a qualified RYT300hrs Yoga Alliance UK yoga teacher and, as well as Pregnancy, Postnatal and Pelvic floor yoga, am qualified to teach Vinyasa Yoga. When I’m not with the pregnant ladies and tiny babies, you’ll find me covering classes for Grace and Sarah when I’m needed. I love teaching at Uckfield Yoga studio, the customers are all so friendly and the atmosphere is very relaxed. ​


Steven teaches Sunday 9.30 am


I live in Crowborough and came to yoga about 10 years ago as a means of helping myself to alleviate  back discomfort. More recently yoga has helped me with anxiety and
now my ongoing yoga journey has brought me to the present day, training to be a Yoga teacher with the British Wheel Of Yoga. There is much that can be said about the benefits
of yoga, I have found that the experience of yoga  speaks far more than words. The wonderful thing about yoga is that it is all inclusive, it has no divides, no boundaries, it can
be available to all who wish to practice it. Practising and teaching in the hatha style I feel passionately about how helping others to begin what could be their very own personal

yoga journeys. It would be lovely to see you in the wonderful space that is the Uckfield Yoga Studio.


Jaz teaches  Saturday 6pm, Monday 7.30 pm
Jaz – 
I’m Jaz! I’m a fast-moving, small person with lots of anxiety and a big love for humans. I discovered yoga at a particularly unhealthy time of my life, finding gyms and running boring and hard to commit to. I had a total disconnect with myself, staring at screens all day and feeling lazy, stressed, and lost.
Yoga has helped with listening to myself, slowing down, and learning about happiness. In the mean time it also got me fit and strong. It’s transformative.
I write exciting classes to get us moving, increase serotonin, and improve mental health using meditation and breathing techniques. If you feel unwell in your body or mind, I’d like to help you.
If you like to be alone, this is a safe space with no pressure or judgement; if you like a community feeling, come down to sweat, laugh and unwind together. And remember, you don’t need to be flexible, spiritual, or any other notions to give Yoga a go.I’ll be there with you all the way.

Laura Taylor-Innes
Saturday’s 7.15-9.15pm

Laura Taylor-Innes –                                                   

I’m Laura and I am currently studying for my yoga teaching diploma with the Unity School in Lewes. I was introduced to yoga by a close family friend when I was in my teens and have been practicing on and off since then. Yoga practice and philosophy has really enriched my life, and I am exciting to share this with others! I will be teaching an 8 week course for beginners from Saturday 15th February (19:15-21:15). My style is based on Unity Yoga, which is a deep, meditative practice.



Jude Murray –                                                         

  Jude is a yoga teacher and hospital chaplain, complementary therapist, lay minister and interfaith minister in training with thirty years’ experience as a teacher, trainer and group facilitator She has been practising yoga since 1991 and  has been course director on Healing Space – Yoga for people living with cancer  – since 2011.


Natasha teaches 3rd Sunday of the Month 4-5pm


I began practising Reiki in 2000 to Master Level and on to Karuna Reiki. Karuna Reiki is often accompanied by chanting the symbols, and as a singer, I loved to add this dimension to my work. Since then I’ve graduated as an Equine Facilitated Learning Coach which has helped me step into my authentic self and my practice even more. I now channel sounds and songs beyond those of the symbols. It’s my light language- an energy form of light and sound that penetrates the body and helps remove blocks while surrounding you in a relaxing sound bath.

So, alongside private sessions for humans and animals, I’m excited to now be offering this healing circle based on my experience with healing and the EFL I offer.

Every 6 sessions, there’ll be a new journey for us to work through. I’ll offer a guided meditation on the theme of the week and once you’re in that space, offer the healing sounds and energy to support your process.

My intention is that we can gather a supportive, interactive group energy to enhance everyone’s lives and journey.