Saturday 8th February – Kirtan with Jamuna and Ishen 3 – 5 pm by donation

Immerse yourself in a heart opening traditional Kirtan of Sanskrit mantras – songs of devotion led by Jamuna and Ishen, students in the Rupanuga lineage of Bhakti yoga since 2004. This transcendental pratice is for everyone who likes to sing and meditate. Presented in the traditional call and response format accompanied with mrdanga, kartals and harmonium. Song sheets will be provided and you are welcome to bring your instruments along and join in. Suggested donation £5.

Saturday 18th January 2 – 4 pm Self Defence Mark

This workshop aims to demystify self defence and teach you practical steps that you would be able to take in the event that you find yourself in a position where you need to protect yourself or a loved one.

Initially you will learn how to try to avoid physical confrontation, only then, when all else fails, are martial techniques to be used.

You will not learn how to disarm attackers with knives and guns, once a confrontation becomes physical. We stress avoidance of those confrontations at all costs. We will teach you about tactics on de-fusing situations, as well as positioning techniques and how to distract attention of attackers, so that you are able to escape.

One problem with many self defence courses, is that they leave the participants with a false sense of security and confidence, often leaving them in more danger of being harmed than before they took the course!

What you will learn are tried and tested techniques that if practiced and refined, will give you the best chance of a favourable outcome to any self defence scenario.

– Who is the workshop for..?

Anyone who would like an awareness of basic self defence tactics and techniques (basics are best!)
How to project confidence.
How to defuse confrontational situations

All ages – children and adults are welcome


Saturday Jan 25th. 2-5pm   Yoga workshop on the theme of:
Santosha”(contentment) – practicing with gratitude and acceptance.
£30 when booked in advance.
Do join us for an afternoon of asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation, centred around the theme of cultivating an attitude of gratitude and acceptance. We will practice at being content with how things are…. just now, rather than striving for certain conditions to bring joy!
All are very welcome. Please contact Shelly for further info and/or to book.
07855 465269
Sunday Jan 26th 11am-12.30pm New monthly Yin yoga class 
£12 drop-in or £10 class pass
Please do join us for a monthly Yin yoga class, on the last Sun of each month. We lead busy, often demanding lives. Yin yoga is a quiet practice, to draw inwards, to feel the breath, and the physical body, and to mentally slow down. To reconnect with the peace and stillness we all have within. Yin yoga is a gateway for meditation, rebalancing energy channels within the body, leaving you feeling nurtured and calm.
Please contact Shelly for further details and/or class passes.
07855 465269


Sunday 2nd February Gong bath with Claire 11.30 – 1 pm £13.50 A gong bath is a fully clothed, relaxing experience of meditation. Simply lie down on mats provided, wrap up in a blanket and relax for an hour. The sounds bathe every level – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.
For more information contact 07973932970
Sunday 2 nd February Heart theme yin yoga with Tracey 3 -5 pm £20  
                            If you carry a lot of tension in the neck and shoulder area, come join me for a heart opening themed sequence that we focus on releasing tension in the wrists, arms, shoulders and neck. We will be using yin yoga postures to help release some of that stagnant energy and we will also use some myofascial trigger point techniques to open up fascia and leave you with a feeling of space in the upper body.Early bird special £15 if you book before 26 January. Bookings and info via 


Saturday 22 nd February 3.30- 5.30 pm Sound Healing Workshop & Sound Bath with Kirsty

Come along for some holistic healing for your body, mind and soul with sound and meditation.

This event will give you the opportunity to learn about sound therapy and its benefits to health, be guided through how to use various Himalayan singing bowls for sound meditation, and finish with time for total relaxation and reflection with an immersive sound journey with a full sound bath in a supportive space. For further details or to book please go to the Eventbrite link below: If you have any questions please do contact me: 07912 580302

Saturday 29 th February  2 – 3.30 pm Knees workshop with Steven £15

Knees, keeping them safe in yoga practice.What we can do in our yoga practice to keep them safe and healthy, reducing our possibility of injury.We will begin on the mat with a short centering practice after which we will begin by looking at the physiology of the knee. From here we will then look at some exercises that can be used to strengthen the legs that will help not only healthy knees, but those with existing injuries. We will then look at some common postures where awareness and alignment will help to us to have a more functional and safer practice. We will close the workshop back on the mat with a guided relaxation

Please contact me for more info at if you would like to attend.

Saturday 28th March 3:30-5:30pm Therapeutic Percussion Workshop & Sound Bath –  Kirsty Come along for some holistic healing for your body, mind and soul with sound and meditation. This event will give you the opportunity to learn about a sound therapy therapeutic percussion sequence and its benefits to health, be guided through playing various percussion instruments, and have fun putting it all together as a group. We will finish with an opportunity for total relaxation with an immersive sound bath journey finishing with the full percussion sequence in a supportive space. For further details or to book go to the Eventbrite link below: If you have any questions please do contact me: 07912 580302