Saturday 12 th October 2 – 5 pm Deep yoga with Oriental Healing – Sarah Bristow Lic Ac. BSc (Hons) MBAcC £40 per worksho

These monthly, Saturday ‘Retreats’, are to give you space and depth to your health and well-being. The yoga practice will be inter-woven with hands-on Shiatsu healing touch. Sarah’s knowledge and experience as a Yoga instructor, Shiatsu practitioner and Acupuncturist, draws on an enriched source of Chinese wisdom. Running monthly every second Saturday (Future dates: November 9th, December 14th and January 11th ). To book email or phone 01273 803699  
Saturday 19th October 2 – 4 pm Fusion: Seize the Day – Mark + Sal  £30

Do you have endless to-do lists but don’t feel you make progress?
Often find yourself with too little time to get everything done?
Would like to feel less stressed and overwhelmed?
Do you find you sometimes have low energy levels in the morning?
Need some fresh inspiration and vitality!? Join us for our autumn workshop and we’ll show you how to seize the day. We are excited to be back with another unique blend of movement and mindset training, this time with the intention of helping you take charge of each and every day.

Movement: We believe that everyday should begin with moving the body – it doesn’t have to be a long workout, just 5 minutes is enough if you don’t have any longer. One barrier to getting this done is actually knowing what to do. We will teach you how, in one easy to learn routine! The benefits of a morning exercise routine, even a very short one, in helping set you up for a healthy and productive day are immense

Have more energy for the day
Improve fitness
Kickstart your metabolism
Aids weight loss
Look better, feel better
Keeps the mind calmer and focused
Reduce stress
Start the day with a win! To help you with this we have created the ‘Fusion: Morning Energiser’, which you will learn at the start of this workshop.This routine – which can take as little as 5 minutes, or as long as half an hour – is a blend of mindfulness, qigong, yoga, and martial arts. It includes an energising meditation, breathing and movement sequences, flowing movements (which can be adapted to any level/ability), some light cardio and strength to give the metabolism and heart a morning kick start, and finishes off with a grounding and calming exercise. You will feel awake, refreshed, energised – and ready to seize the day!

Mindset: When you pre-determine when you’re going to do what, you remove the need for decision-making within the moment as you’ve already created a precise plan in advance. Psychologists call this an ‘implementation intention’.

A study in the British Journal of Health Psychology showed that creating such an implementation intention increases the success rate of following through with an activity from 34% to 91%.

In other words, by scheduling your day, you’re much less likely to procrastinate. There are some simple yet powerful steps that cut through the mental clutter, get clarity and create a way to get things done.

You will learn to do this including the following steps:1 – Principles, and what really matters: uncover your hiding principles and things you value most so you can plan and act in line with these
2 – Action = traction: When we align our action to principles, things flow.
3 – Optimise your ‘To-do’ list – we will show you how to prioritise so you get things done and feel good.

Places are limited on these workshops, so early booking is recommended.Early bird discounts are available and the price is £25 if you book  before September 19th .For details on how to book, please email

Saturday 26 October Gong bath with Claire 3.30 – 5 pm £13.50 A gong bath is a fully clothed, relaxing experience of meditation. Simply lie down on mats provided, wrap up in a blanket and relax for an hour. The sounds bathe every level – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.
For more information contact 07973932970
Saturday 2nd November 2 – 4 pm Introduction to Tai Chi- Mark 

Ever wanted to give Tai Chi a try?
Need to gently improve strength, flexibility, and balance?
Want to learn techniques for a calmer, less stressful and more grounded lifestyle?

In this two hour workshop you will learn a mini-Tai Chi sequence and find out what Tai Chi is all about!
The workshop is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. The beauty of Tai Chi is that it is for everyone!
After the workshop you will have access to online tutorials covering everything that you have learnt in the afternoon.
For more information, please contact Mark on or 07834 375776

The cost of the workshop is £25 and it is limited to 12 places
– early booking is recommended to secure your spot.

Sunday 10th November 1 – 3 pm Oily Witch workshop with Claire £45 

A 2-hour workshop for £45 pp covering everything you need to know about Essential Oils and how to use them to EASILY to make special,unique personalised gifts this Christmas. You will leave knowing:• What they are • Where they come from• Their science• How they are made• Their Oily History• Different Types• How to Use them• Safety• Oily Recipes          To find out more, book a place please contact Claire or 07812177427

Sarah Bristow

Saturday 16 th November 2 – 5 pm Back Care – Sarah Bristow Lic Ac. BSc (Hons) MBAcC £40 Looking after your Back and remedying any issues is partly about correct posture and exercising wisely, and partly about how you take care of your back. In this workshop Sarah will share some ideas and practices centred on strengthening and improving the flexibility and alignment of your back, as well as preventing or managing any back pain. Sarah is an acupuncturist and Shiatsu practitioner as well as a yoga teacher, and will weave some ancient Chinese wisdom into the workshop and encourage you to enhance your energy, listen to your body, and maintain a good balance between exercise and rest, with the aim of supporting your back health. The workshop will consist of a mix of asanas including: exercises to develop core-strength, twists, forward bends and relaxation. You will be encouraged to find your own level. To book email or phone 01273 803699