SATURDAY 8TH DECEMBER 1 – 2.30 PM Kundalini Yoga Workshop with Sian £10

Kundalini yoga focuses on an increased awareness of the relationship between the mind, body and soul. Through traditional yogic postures, breath, chanting and meditation, you’ll unblock energy, awaken your inner self, empowering you to flow with confidence and rise to the challenges of life. We harness the mental, physical and nervous energies of the body and put them under the domain of the will, which is the instrument of the soul.

 The Kundalini experience does not mean you have gone into a deep breathless trance and are beyond this world… It integrates you more fully with reality and gives you a broader vision and sensitivity so that you can act more efficiently.” – Yogi Bhajan

About Sian – Sian is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher in Training with the Karam Kriya School. She began her yoga journey in January 2017 which lead her on a life-changing journey of awakening, gaining a deeper sense of self and purpose. Sian hosts health and wellbeing events in London and East Sussex – find out more at


In this gentle and restorative workshop Jane will guide you through ways to reduce stress now and through the festive period. She will help you to learn a simple meditation method and to choose your own Flower Essences for reducing stress. This will be followed by a beautiful relaxation session and of course, tea and cake! Find out more at or contact Jane Spencer on 07720052354


A Mayan tradition comes to Uckfield, we sing ancestral chants of Latin America, allowing the cacao and the songs to go deep into your heart.
Everyone is invited, specially those who are walking their path into love by healing old wounds, this is a ceremony which connects you with love , kindness and forgiveness, with others and with your self.
At the end of the ceremony it will be a time to share our experiences.
Ceremony guided by Ricardo Goni (Mexico) , ancient healer formed in the mayan world (Mexico) and Shippibo tradition (Perú). Gestalt psychotherapist

This type of healing with ceremonial cacao is for those who want:
• Realign with the intelligence and wisdom of the heart.
• Recognise what is stagnant and heal it.
• Accelerate and activate your self awareness.
• Let go and heal that which no longer serves you.
• Having a clearer mind. increasing focus and alertness, immune system as well.
• Increase and regulates your sexual energy, reduce stress levels.
• Increase your energy and enthusiasm by being in a higher mood.
• And for all those people who wish to activate the wisdom of the heart to heal it and expand it in a loving vibration, to follow our soul purpose!
This Ceremonial Cacao is the origin of chocolate, a native seed from México (it was used by Aztecs, Mayans and the ancient cultures of Latin America, in some of them it was their coin)that contains the balance of components and ideal energies that stimulate that union of the spirit and the vibration of the heart.Cacao contains chromium, magnesium, iron, caffeine, Phenethylamine,Anandamide,Tryptophan, Serotonin,Theobromine,Antioxidants,Manganese and Zinc.It heats and activates a very special and loving frequency in each person. Acts at very subtle and deep levels. The spirit of CACAO allows you to harmonise emotionally and spiritually what you need, without the intervention of the mind. You will let go of that which does not serve you and you will process in a profound way that transformation and change that you need. WHAT TO BRING:Blanket, comfortable clothes and a bottle of water. Those who attend please eat a good breakfast and not eat two hours before the ceremony. Avoid coffee during the day, if you can it is recommended. Drink herbal tea without caffeine and do not consume any other stimulants.

NOTE: if you are nuts allergic or taking antidepressants, if you have or had a psychiatric condition, this experience is not suitable for you.



Midwinter Stillness is a quiet and meditative celebration of the season through yoga & embodied exploration, meditation, chanting and gentle Celtic ritual. With a luscious Yoga Nidra to finish. It serves as a welcome oasis of stillness amidst the seasonal shopping and socialising.
Jude has been offering this workshop every Solstice since 2005, with Richard joining her in 2017. It is always very popular, so book now to secure your place!
We are offering this workshop as gift economy, meaning you pay what you can honestly afford. We would normally charge about £30. If you can pay more, great, if you need to pay less, great, we want everyone to be able to come. We ask for a minimum contribution of a fiver as we need to be able to cover the costs of the venue.